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Brad Cox is a singer-songwriter, musician, author and podcaster from the Baltimore area. He's best known for his musical groups: Skitzo Calypso, Niki Thunders, We Love the Underground and Veteran Avenue. His musical journey started in Los Angeles in 1996. He has since released over 24 albums and EPs, while also providing songwriting and vocal work to various regional projects.  

In 2015, Cox released his first novel in a trilogy of works called Children of the Program and in 2021 he launched a Mid-Atlantic based arts podcast called, Mouthful of Graffiti, which has already won an award for Podcast of the Year.

The new book, These Things I've Said: A Book of Poetry, Musings & Lyrics, is out now!

Check out the new Skitzo Calypso single, "With the Wolves I Cried," here

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